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Animal Welfare

At Brinker International, the health and safety of our guests has always been a top priority. Our goal is to work with suppliers committed to upholding good animal welfare practices. Brinker does not own, raise, transport or process farm animals, however, we can influence treatment and processes by carefully selecting our supplier partners. Research surrounding animal welfare practices is ongoing and continually evolving. Brinker is committed to staying abreast of the topic and will continue to make business decisions for our brands with a full understanding of the most current science available.

On the issue of sow welfare, our beliefs align with the following position by the American Veterinary Medical Association, which states:

Pork processors should provide housing that: (1) ensures good nutrition and, correspondingly, good body condition; (2) maximizes the health of the pig (i.e., absence of disease and injuries); (3) provides a good environment in terms of things like air quality, temperature and humidity; and (4) promotes good mental health (e.g., supports the expression of normal patterns of behavior and minimizes stress).

Brinker acknowledges there are various ways to achieve our animal welfare beliefs outlined above, including phasing out gestation stalls. We are working with our pork suppliers to do this, which will take time to implement. We also believe in the importance of understanding the challenges and rewards of providing this environment for housing sows. As an industry leader, we have the opportunity to influence the way animals supplied to us are treated, and our ultimate goal is to deal with suppliers who meet our high standards of approval and share our ongoing commitment to animal welfare.

In the short term, we will do our part by committing to a goal of dramatically reducing our supply of pork products that come from processors who use gestation crating in sows. Recognizing that systems arenít currently in place to guarantee verification of all farming conditions, over the next 5-7 years Brinkerís goal is to ensure a substantial majority of our pork products are sourced from vendors who have committed to eliminating gestation stalls from farms they operate.

We are also making a commitment to source exclusively cage-free eggs throughout our U.S and Canadian operations no later than 2025.

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